BTC goes pink for the cause


For more than a decade, BTC has been an avid promoter of Breast Cancer Awareness. This year, the company again played its part
in heightening awareness and promoting prevention. This year, BTC celebrated the journey of its own team members Shantell Cox Hutchinson and Lorenda Woodside, both breast cancer survivors, and teamed up with sixteen-year old Tej’a Munnings to provide “Ribbons for Life” for team members. The company also celebrated “Pink Fridays”, where team members were encouraged to sport something pink each Friday in October.

BTC Senior Manager for Communications, Indira Collie said, “As a good corporate citizen, we believe in doing our part to continue bringing awareness to breast cancer. We honored the brave journey of two of our own team members, Shantell Cox- Hutchinson and Lorenda Woodside, also supported “Ribbons for Life” and purchased pins for all of our team members.

We are truly impressed by Te’ja’s passion, commitment and desire to make a difference and are supporting her efforts.” In addition to sporting their Ribbons for Life every day, and staging Pink Fridays, BTC
also hosted a special information session with the Sister/Sister Breast Cancer Support Group and made a special plea to its own team members to have their annual mammograms done. Breast cancer survivor and BTC IT specialist Shantell Cox-Hutchinson said, “This year, we decided as a company to spread the word about the importance of early detection and having your mammogram done, not just in October, but throughout the year.

I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic cancer in 2005 and I went through four years of chemotherapy. The journey over the last fourteen years has been a very interesting one and I’ve met wonderful people along the way. Cancer was one of those turning points in my life and it’s taught me that life is fleeting and we should treat every day as if it’s our last.” Founder of Ribbons for Life, Te’ja Munnings shared, “Ribbons for Life is an initiative I started six years ago as I wanted to raise awareness for kids, teenagers and adults with cancer. I love to sew, so I put my love for sewing and my passion for raising awareness
together and that’s how I came up with Ribbons for Life.

There are many other cancers, so I incorporated the other colors into my ribbons.” Ribbons for Life have been sold in the United States as well as several Caribbean countries including Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and Australia.

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