BTC launches nationwide connectivity campaign


BTC has kicked off an aggressive national connectivity campaign geared at connecting every household, on every island, rock and cay with broadband services. Through this program, any customer regardless of their location in the country will have access to a
customized solution to meet their needs. BTC CEO, Garry Sinclair said, “Over the last seven months, we’ve seen a huge shift in traffic and an increased demand for broadband services. We were 0prepared for this, having installed a 10gig link to provide additional bandwidth for customers. Access to broadband internet is absolutely necessary, especially with a great number of students attending classes virtually and some people continuing to work from home.

We’ve embarked on what we believe is a necessary mission to ensure that we are providing the speeds and connectivity that our customers need regardless of their location. During this pandemic, we’ve had to adapt our operations to meet the evolving needs of our customers and our communities. Today, this means we must ensure that every customer across The Bahamas has access to the broadband solutions they require.”

Head of Operations, Andre Foster said, “Even if you already have internet services with us, and you think you need more speed, we can help. We have the ability to connect every customer by utilizing one or a combination of our network technologies, whether its upgraded Fiber to the Node, fiber to the home (FTTH) or our 4G-LTE network. We are very confident in the capacity and resilience of our network. We have had consistent growth in our fiber to the home (FTTH) footprint in Grand Bahama and eastern New Providence, and we have started extending that footprint to the western communities. Just recently we ‘fiberized’ the Sea Beach community, and over 400 customers have access to BTC’s FTTH network which delivers up to 600Mb per second. Approximately 30% of our New Providence fixed network is FTTH and 50% of our network in Grand Bahama is FTTH.” CEO Sinclair continued, “BTC has made the process seamless for customers, and we will manage this entire program virtually using our super-efficient Virtual Store.

Customers will only have to send a WhatsApp message to 424-SHOP or 577-SHOP or an email to with their name, telephone number and location to request connectivity. A Virtual Store representative will follow up with the customer to determine which solution will be best suited. Customers will never have to go to a physical store to request services. Depending on the solution chosen, either a BTC technical team member will go to the customer’s home for installation (following all safety protocols) or a plug and play device will be delivered using BTC’s Concierge Service.

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