Christmas at Oaktree Event Spreads Joy to 1,000 Children

Oaktree Medical Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Don Diego Deveaux and General Manager, Mrs. Kristi Deveaux with Oaktree staff.

With a mix of holiday music, laughter, gifts, Oaktree elves and Santa Claus, Oaktree Medical Center (OMC) held its first Christmas at Oaktree event. In celebration of the holiday season on Friday, 18th December 2020, OMC brought smiles to the faces of 1,000 boys and girls during its day-long socially distant drive-by event for children in the community.

Thanks to the dedication of the Oaktree staff, churches, civic groups and children homes in the community received gifts for boys and girls to open on Christmas day.  Spreading joy to so many, Oaktree General Manager and lead organizer of the event Mrs. Kristi Deveaux lauded her team for their support to make the event successful while noting the challenging year faced by so many.

“We’ve done COVID testing here at Oaktree so we are aware of the impact this pandemic is having on so many. In light of this, we wanted to bring some encouragement, a little joy, hope and laughter to remind us all that 2020 is still redeemable. Just like the the strong, resilient Oaktree, we are shade to those who need help and support. We wanted to ensure that kids in our community felt loved while being mindful of the importance of social distancing,” expressed Mrs. Deveaux.

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