Clergyman Nixes Idea of Traditional Church


Writer: Macushla Pinder

A leading clergyman is convinced that church as many know it may never happen again coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with ZNS News Senior Pastor of Global Gates World Outreach Ministries, Bishop Ros Davis said while none of us can speak for God, it seems as if “we are headed towards something we have never seen before.”

It’s believed it could be something wonderful for the church itself…Many of the churches are turning to Zoom on any given night…This can be pushing us towards God because anyone with commonsense would know we cannot go back.”

The prime minister noted during a recent address that discussions with the Christian Council on safe and appropriate time to fully reopen churches continue.

As it stands, they are open for individual prayer with safe physical distancing protocols. Church offices are meantime allowed to operate for half day, Monday through Friday.

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