Commander Defence Force presented with Book from Cancer Survivor

Mrs. Kesha Smith, cancer survivor presenting Commodore Raymond King and Force Chief Petty Officer Arlene Moss with her book on November 3 rd 2020 at Defence Headquarters

Mrs. Kesha Smith, a cancer survivor, paid a courtesy call on the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King on November 3, 2020 at Defence Headquarters, John F. Kennedy Drive. During the visit, Mrs. Smith, who is also the wife of a RBDF Marine, presented a book written by herself entitled “Cancer, Meet Christ and My God”. With the month of October designated internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this annual campaign increases the awareness of the disease. As one who has defied the odds, she shared an insight of her battle with Leukemia.

Mrs. Smith also noted that during her time battling with her illness, the support of Defence Force personnel was overwhelming to both her and her family. Parts of her book details how she overcame her personal trials, fears and obstacles. Also in attendance was Force Chief Petty Officer Arlene Moss, another cancer survivor. Moss also shared her journey after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and how life changed for her in the daily fight to be a survivor and not a statistic. As a result of their similar journeys, FCPO Moss and Mrs. Smith share a bond of friendship, and both agreed that they are grateful and blessed for each day given.

Commodore King thanked the ladies for sharing their stories, and encourage them to continue being motivators to other individuals experiencing similar situations. He also mentioned that along with taking annual physicals and maintaining one’s health, God still controls our lives. The visit concluded with the presentation of Mrs. Smith’s personalized autographed copy of her book to both Commodore King and FCPO Moss, following which, she was presented with a keepsake.

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