Controlled Family Island Shutdown


Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. wishes to advise that, further to our Noon statement detailing controlled shutdown procedures in New Providence, the Family Islands are treated differently. Due to the exponentially greater impact storms have on the smaller and more fragile systems on the Family Islands, when conditions become unsafe for operations, our choice is to shut down the entire island until it is safe to re-energize.

In that vein, as of 2PM today, power in Long Island will be shut off. (A portion of the island is already off, but the entire island will be shut off at 2PM.) Long Island will join Mayaguana, Acklins and Crooked Island, all of whom are also off at this time and will remain so until the storm passes or it is safe to restore power. BPL continues to execute its approved Hurricane Plan, and wishes to advise customers that regular updates will be issued via social media and regular news outlets in order to keep customers abreast of the latest developments. Once again, power will be restored once it is safe to do so, typically once winds die down to below 40MPH.

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