Corporate Character Day 2023 focuses on DEI and Relationships

The Corporate Character Day Lunch Workshop 2023 was held at the Balmoral Club. Shown in the photo in the front row (L-R) are Sonia Brown, president PACE Foundation, Dr Niambi Campbell Hall Dean, presenter, UB professor, Cherrylee Pinder, program lead, Charlene Carey, program coordinator, Claudette Rolle PACE board member and director of Catholic Board of Education and Patrice Taylor, presenter, and HR consultant. Company representatives in the photo include Water and Sewage Corporation, BAF Financial, EY Bahamas, National Workers Co-operative Credit Union, Nassau Airport Development Company, Princess Margaret Hospital, Lennox Paton Corporate Services, Colina Insurance, Bahamas Association of Clearing Houses, and BTVI. Photo Azaleta Ishmael-Newry.

The action plans for Character Day Bahamas 2023 and submissions for Hidden Heroes by September 30, 2023, are on the way for educators, guidance counsellors, citizens, and corporate Bahamas.  The program is in its eighth year and focuses on character strengths, and the goodness of people. 

Explaining how to identify a “hidden hero,” program coordinator Charlene Carey advises to “Look for people who love their community and country, a helper who works tirelessly to serve others without seeking recognition or accolades.  A person who continues to thrive despite life’s challenges.”

The Character Day program also focuses on improving the work and learning environments for others. At the recent corporate luncheon at the Balmoral Club, HR consultant Patrice Taylor discussed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and its importance. states that DEI is a term used to describe policies and programs promoting the representation and participation of different individuals and groups. DEI encompasses people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures, and sexual orientations.

“It’s about showing up for yourself and others and then making sure that it spills over into the workplace to bring profitability and increase a thriving work environment. It requires self-awareness, which we know is part of emotional intelligence. When we are self-aware, we know how to self-regulate, we can be empathetic towards the people we serve and how we epitomize servant leadership,” said Taylor.

UB Professor Dr Niambi Campbell Hall Dean spoke about healthy relationships in the workplace and self-compassion while identifying ways DEI enhances people and their settings. “A lot of times when we think about relationships, we think of it in the context of intimate relationships. All of us are in relationships, 100% of us can improve our relationships. We all deserve healthy relationships in and out of the workplace that bring out the best in us. Treating yourself with the compassion encourages a growth mindset and helps to clarify purpose in way that leads to healthy relationships at work and home. 

Joanne Miller-Neely, a Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training participant from the early childhood section, agreed. “Allowing other persons space to give their perspectives and helps us to understand others –- we [must] include everyone, to make our workplace a happier place where we can be more productive.”

BAF Financial participated in Corporate Character Day last year, and Vanessa Albury shared some of the company’s activities, including views on how belittling was a behaviour that needed focus. “I think that as managers and supervisors, we look at certain things as tough love when you speak to someone, but the way someone else receives that behaviour can prove negative, and I think we must always recognize and understand the impact of our approach on others.”

Character Day Bahamas is a program that PACE Foundation president Sonia Brown heads.  The program is supported by the Templeton World Charity Foundation Inc. “We are continuing the training for corporate HR professionals. We believe that character is essential in every aspect of society. We spend a lot of effort in the schools and now with parents, and who are in the workplace. We can close that circle by having the students and their parents trained and be at their best,” said Brown.

Character Day and the 2023 Power of Love theme will be celebrated on October 18 with activities across The Bahamas. Small grants of up to $1,000 to support year-long character development projects at local schools and youth programs are available. Applications for funding close October 15th, and more information is available at

Source: Azaleta and Co

More photo highlights below:

Corporate Character Day participants who attended the workshop at the Balmoral Club are ready for year two’s activities. Leading the charge for the National Workers Co-operative Credit Union is Lakeisha Black (left) and new organizers from the Water and Sewage Corporation are Dennika Bain (middle) and Therese Evans (right). Photo credit Azaleta Ishmael-Newry

Attendees at the Corporate Character Day Lunch and Learn workshop share in the excitement of last year’s Hidden Hero winner, collecting her prize for being an early registrant of the workshop. From L-R are Claudette Rolle PACE board member and director of Catholic education, Keffie Ann Ferguson Duncombe, Character Day Family Island Representative for Eleuthera and Exuma and Hidden Hero Champion 2022, Sian Bevans and Villimae Black, Nassau Airport Development Company. Photo Azaleta Ishmael-Newry.