COVID 19 – Bahamian Nationals and Students Abroad


The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is aware of the presence of COVID-19 in various parts of the world, where there may be Bahamian nationals and students. As the process of nationals and students registering with a Bahamian overseas office is a voluntary one, the Government is only aware of those who have registered. Nevertheless, the Government is also aware that all countries and
academic institutions have put in place COVID-19 measures, including, in many cases, the closure of colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

In light of this, the Government of The Bahamas urges all nationals and students to be prudent and adhere to the various guidelines and policies implemented by the country or the academic institution where they reside or study. At this time, there are no restrictions on Bahamian nationals who opt to return home.

However, if they are travelling from an area for which border control measures have been put in place, they can expect to be quarantined upon arrival. All nationals and students are urged to register with the nearest Embassy, High Commission, Consulate General, Honorary Consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if there are no nearby offices. The addresses of the above can be found on the website Assistance will be made available as best as possible.
The Bahamian COVID-19 hotline numbers are provided below for information. We pray for the return of health to our world and for you to remain safe and healthy during this current global hardship.

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