COVID-19 Command Ambassadors


Writer: Macushla Pinder

Some 100 ambassadors will soon be added to the newly established COVID-19 Command Centre.

The unit’s head Chief Superintendent Zhivargo Dames said this group will bear the responsibility of monitoring beaches, hotspots, and cultural sites to ensure the public is adhering to the necessary protocols.

The unit was established a week ago with 25 reserved officers who underwent training on the Hubbcat platform, an app designed to monitor those in quarantine.

“Once you have been identified to go on the Hubbcat platform, that app is downloaded onto your device. We also make sure those persons are quite aware they are to always have their phones and that their phones and locations are always on,” he said.

“This unit then is responsible of putting a virtual fence around your residence. So, if you were to leave, we would pick up an alarm and we would dispatch an ambassador to your home to ensure you are following COVID-19 orders.”

However, while not going into details Chief Superintendent Dames acknowledged there are challenges.

“Those of you in quarantine please follow the protocols. It is for all of our safety,” he said.

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