COVID-19 Hotline


The lockdown of our nation is critical to stopping the spread of COVID-91, and as a country we need to follow the emergency regulation guidelines if we are to survive this pandemic. However, while we are living under curfew with concerns for our health and physical well-being, our jobs and financial security, with our day-to-day movements limited and access to our usual social activities restricted, it is normal and understandable to experience stress and frustration.

The tension associated with this might be released as anger and in some cases physical violence and directed towards other members of our households. The Bahamas Crisis Centre offers a 24-hour hotline, which is answered by persons trained to understand these situations and to listen, support and encourage anyone (male or female) who is feeling alone, anxious, frustrated, unsafe or fearful in their home.

This is a time of uncertainties and unknowns for us all and as a nation; we must do all that we can to help each other. Please know that the Crisis Centre is here to help.

The hotline number is (242) 328- 0922.
If for any reason you are unable to get through to that number
you may contact us at (242) 565-9633.

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