Covid-19 Vaccine Update


Vaccines are becoming more accessible on the global scene, as labs continue to prepare millions of doses to fight the Covid -19 pandemic.

A mass vaccination drive was held in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, however, many countries are still far from being able to exercise mass vaccination procedures as they await the supply of approved immunizations

The Bahamas government has made a down payment through the World Health Organization for 80,000 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Minister of Health the Hon. Renward Wells says that number of doses will amount to about 20 percent of the Bahamas’ population.

“There’s a global commitment and a global agreement among all countries that through the W.H.O we will purchase vaccines up to 20 percent of our population number” he said.

Wells adds that although it is not certain which out of the approved and developing vaccines will be the one that is used locally, the Bahamas government is already in the queue for 80,000 doses.

“The total cost is going to be about 1.6 million dollars we have already paid 250 thousand of that and so we are just waiting for the WHO to approve whether its Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca‚Ķ

“I think the Chinese have about two vaccines out, the Russians have about two and a number of other countries such as Israel and other nations in Europe are developing vaccines as well,” the Health Minister said.

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