Crisis Centre Celebrates White Ribbon Day


The Bahamas is joining countries around the world on Friday in celebrating White Ribbon Day.

Organizations made up of both men and boys come together on the occasion to host activities aimed at ending violence against women and children.

The campaign is a symbol of hope for a world where women and children can live their lives free from violence. The white ribbon symbolizes the idea of men giving up their arms.

Director of the Crisis Centre, Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson says that this is the first time that the Bahamas has participated.

Dean-Patterson says it’s important to have men join the fight to stamp out domestic violence, which she says is a growing problem.

“It’s always been traditionally looked at as a women’s issue but it’s an issue that affects all of us. It affects men women and children. And of course, it affects the country. And so, for the first time the Bahamas is going to be a part of this, and we are going to have men speaking out against the acceptability of violence.”

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