Disney Cruise Line Launches Website to Continue to Update Community about Lighthouse Point Project


Disney Cruise Line today announced the launch of a new website – www.DCLLighthousePoint.com – dedicated to continuing to keep Bahamians informed about progress on the company’s project at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera. Designed by a Bahamian company, Felicia Creative, the newly launched website contains all the information Disney Cruise Line has shared about the project in one convenient location. Visitors will be able to find information about the company’s commitment to providing sustainable economic opportunities, protecting the environment, celebrating Bahamian culture and strengthening the community in Eleuthera among other items.

“Since the beginning of this effort, it has been important for us to forge deep relationships with our local neighbors in Eleuthera and The Bahamas more broadly. We have strived to take input from the government and the community and to share information openly about our vision and plans for Lighthouse Point,” said Jeff Vahle, president of Disney Cruise Line. “We hope this website serves as a helpful resource and provides a platform for easy access to the latest information.” This new website complements the outreach DCL continues to do in The Bahamas, which has included

  • Touring construction sites and meeting with contractors across
    Eleuthera, engaging with the Bahamian Contractors Association, Society
    of Engineers and other industry organizations and hosting multiple
    information sessions in Eleuthera and Nassau to maximize
    opportunities for Bahamian contractors.
  • Hosting
    information sessions attended by hundreds of potential employees,
    vendors, tour operators and others over the past year to further build
    relationships and
    maximize opportunities for Eleuthera and the greater Bahamas. Disney
    continues to engage with organizations such as the Access Accelerator
    Small Business Development Center, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and
    Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce .
  • Developing
    relationships with government, community and education institutions as
    Disney Cruise Line begins to consider training and professional
    development programs for residents of Eleuthera
    and other Bahamians interested in working at Lighthouse Point.
    Disney has met with the Ministry of Labour, University of The Bahamas,
    National Training Agency, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute and
    others to begin developing important relationships.
  • Working with the local creative community, led by master artists Kevin
    Cooper and Antonius Roberts, to advance the design for the experience at
    Lighthouse Point, which will be inspired by the natural environment and
    rooted in the culture of Eleuthera and The
    Bahamas more broadly.
  • Spending
    time with scientists who are familiar with the site and with
    conservation organizations who routinely work in The Bahamas. For
    example, Disney spent time
    with the leadership of the Bahamas National Trust before the holidays
    to provide an update on the project.

Disney Cruise Line completed its purchase of the Lighthouse Point property in 2019 and signed a H.O.A with the government of The Bahamas. The company submitted the EIA in late December and has been advised that the BEST Commission will post the document on their website after their feedback is incorporated and government reviews are complete. Additional public consultation related to the EIA will occur as part of the site plan approval process.

Disney’s plans include developing less than 20 percent of the site and employing sustainable building practices, such as an open-trestle pier to avoid dredging. Disney also has established environmental monitoring programs that will continue through construction and into operations and will donate more than 190 acres of privately-owned land to the Bahamian people. In addition, the company has committed to a multi-faceted program to educate guests, crew members and vendors about the important role they will play in protecting the environment at Lighthouse Point.

Construction will begin on the site after the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan are accepted by Government, public consultation has occurred and all other necessary Government permits and approvals have been granted.

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