Education team commended for implementation of new system


The Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education, recognized and commended the Ministry of Education (MOE) team responsible for the implementation of the new Educational Management Information System (EMIS). “The entire Ministry Team, led by our PS [Permanent Secretary] Mrs. Lorraine Armbrister, and Director, Mr. Marcellus Taylor, and Mrs. Sharmaine Sinclair, with all the DS’s, Principals, Teachers and Students deserve tremendous appreciation for the tireless efforts they have made in getting us to this point,” said Minister Lloyd.

In a Communication to the House of Assembly, Wednesday, October 21, Minister Lloyd gave Parliamentarians an update on the start of the 2020/21 school year, the progress of educational instruction nationally, and the status of the EMIS, inclusive of the Learning Management System (LMS). Minister Lloyd described the work as a “monumental” task, of which he is “very” proud. He acknowledged that growing pains are inevitable with the implementation of a new system to accommodate tens of thousands of

“Evidence from around the globe indicate that the installation of EMIS systems is usually a 2-3 year process. The Bahamas is doing it within months,” said Minister Lloyd.

“I am confident that within a very short time, the capabilities of the LMS will not only exceed expectations, but with faith and patience, will pivot educational delivery and instruction in this country onto levels once only imaginable.”

“I wish to again extend my gratitude to our teachers who continue to display an optimum level of resilience in the mission to educate our students. Being resilient means having the courage to bounce back and press on despite initial setbacks.” He assured parents that as the Ministry works to resolve pending issues, no child will be left behind.

”Our schools comprise our administrators and teachers who continue to innovative so that the needs of each student are sufficiently met.”

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