Elbow Cay Queen’s Highway Shoreline Stabilization Project Completed


The Queen’s Highway shoreline stabilization and roadworks project in Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco is substantially completed, Works Minister the Honourable Desmond T Bannister confirmed Wednesday. The project will be monitored during the defects liability period and retention funding will be released upon the technical officers are satisfied that any defects which show up are redressed.

“In 1999, Hurricane Floyd, caused severe damage to the edge of Queen’s Highway and the nearby sand dune, resulting in loss of beach sand in front of the dune. Since that time several unsuccessful dune re-construction attempts were made,” he said. “In 2011, the dune was again severely damaged by Hurricane Irene, and a subsequent tropical storm. This sequence of events accelerated the shoreline erosion which ultimately damaged the sea side edge of road, leading to a sharp and dangerous drop off.”

Mr. Bannister added: “Moreover, in some sections, traffic was reduced to one lane of road width. Immediate action was required to restore the road to a safe condition, and to stabilize the shoreline to mitigate shoreline erosion.”

Following a competitive bidding process, Bahamas Marine Construction Co. Ltd won the contract for a total of $3,263,665.44.
Technical officers in the Ministry of Public Works conducted the requisite site investigations and prepared a scope of works summarized as follows:

  • Site clearance and removal of common earth materials.
  • Compaction and backfill of filled material to construct a revetment.
  • Construction of 900-foot long revetment structure using filter stones and 1.1 –
  • 6.6 ton armor stones.
  • Rehabilitation of 790-foot long road surface.
  • Construction of 850 linear feet of retaining wall to stabilize edge of road.
  • Installation of 850 linear feet of galvanized steel railing to top of wall.
  • Planting of dune vegetation.
  • Dune maintenance to include irrigation and fertilization

Photo highlights below:

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