Eleuthera Stakeholders on plan to keep COVID-19 at Bay


Writer: Macushla Pinder

Stakeholders in North Eleuthera are busy mapping out a strategic plan to keep COVID-19 numbers at bay following one confirmed case on that island.

“As you can imagine, there was much fear having heard the announcement of a COVID case on Eleuthera. However, we believe that with strict enforcement of protocols, we will be able to stop further community spread,” area MP North Eleuthera MP Rickey Mackey said during an interview with ZNS News Network.

Mr. Mackey said during a recent meeting, there was an agreement that at this point, the island’s ferry service between Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and the main island can continue.

“There are those whose fears are so great they would wish us to shut down entirely and then those faced with harsh reality of taking care of family members,” he said.

Up to Sunday, the national COVID-19 count stood at 898 confirmed cases, 15 deaths and 35 hospitalizations.

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