Essential Services Continue at Potter’s Cay

Dock Master Frederick Rodgers in his office; and essential commercial activity at Potter’s Cay Dock. (BIS Photos/Kristaan Ingraham)

The country has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns; however, certain services have continued to be provided. One such service is operations at the Potter’s Cay Dock, which is the country’s main gateway for mail boat services to the Family Islands. During an interview with Dock Master, Mr. Frederick Rodgers, he said that with the exception of a brief interruption in services during the initial stages of the lockdown, operations have continued at the dock.

“We have never really complete shut down except for the early part of the lockdown when we had a shift system in place and we operated on limited hours,” said Mr. Rodgers. “And even then, we continued to provide services to the Family Islands. The Family Islands would be severely disadvantaged if we had completed shut down, as they rely on mail boat services for all of their supplies.”

Currently, the dock is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm; and the main office is open. Mr. Rodgers said that as per the current Emergency Orders, passengers have been allowed to travel on the mail boats once they are in compliance with those Orders. He noted, however, that so far the mail boats have mostly been used to carry freight.

As it relates to other commercial activity, he said that although fishing vessels are docked at Potter’s Cay, they are currently not providing services to the public and are only supplying fish and other seafood to wholesalers.

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