EU Members Viewed Post-Hurricane Dorian Dome Houses at Spring City, Abaco

(BIS Photos/Patrick Hanna)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Darren Henfield led members of the European Union on a visit to Spring City, Abaco, February 29, 2020, where they viewed post-Hurricane Dorian dome houses.  The delegation is also pictured at the Government Complex, Marsh Harbour, Abaco.  EU Members held official meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nassau, on Friday, February 28. 


  1. A lot of people that luved on the island were renting, and is either theres no where to rent currently or land lords are doubling their prices. My landlord told me that afrer he collectedhis insurance and fix his place I wont be able to afford his new rent, I lived there for 5 years prior to the storm.

    I keep hearing about these dome homes, where do i apply my children and i have no where to live ….what can we do??

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