Faith Avenue paving works completed


The Faith Avenue road paving exercise between Firetrail road and Cowpen road is officially completed, Works Minister the Hon. T. Desmond Bannister confirmed Monday. The paving of Faith Avenue between Cowpen Road and Marshall Road will commence after
Bahamix has completed emergency repairs on West Bay Street and Soldier Road.

“I’m happy to announce that the road works on Faith Avenue between Firetrail road and Cowpen road are completed. Bahamix faced a number of issues that prevented the protect from being completed on time,” he said. “Issues that affected the road works were COVID-19, equipment failure and drain assessments in the area so I’m pleased that Bahamix is now tackling other projects.”
Mr. Bannister added: “We have a lot more work to be done in various communities but we are making headway and confident in the progress being made.”

The Ministry canvassed the Faith Avenue area recently and spoke to a number of employees and residents who expressed their excitement about the road renovations. Business owner Theophilus Evans said, “It’s good to see the government utilising our tax
paying dollars efficiently. I know the men working out here will do a good job because I saw the work done on Malcolm Road and I was impressed. I think the Ministry of Works is doing outstanding work.”

William Munroe, resident said, “I’m happy they paved the road but we have a lot of settled water in this area so I was glad to see the men from the Ministry of Public Works assessing the drains. It’s a good gesture done by the government. There were a few delays due to weather but I think they did a good job.” A resident who preferred to be addressed as Mr. Knowles expressed relief that the Ministry is taking the concerns of residents seriously. He said, “It’s really great to see something being done in my community. I’m very grateful that this work is being done in a timely fashion.”

The Minister said Bahamix has now moved onto paving West Bay Street and that exercise is projected to be completed this week.

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