The family of 28 year old Shaquille Ferguson of Eight Mile Rock are concerned about his whereabouts and would like the assistance of the public in locating him.

Ferguson’s mother, Natasha Ferguson, was abroad when she was called by another of her sons with the news. She said, “I call him. I tell him, I say, why you ain’ out looking for him? Why y’all let him gone? And he say, I in my room laying down. I say why you ain’ out there looking for him? He say, ok I panic. I call Floyd, who is a policeman. I say you need to call air sea rescue, all the rescue, the police force and all the rescue, everybody, and tell them go out there go bring my son in.”

Ferguson says that she and others searched for her son but had no luck. Neighbours say that Shaquille was last seem in waters on a part of a jet ski.

Shaquille suffers from mental health issues and his mother is concerned that without the adequate medication and care he may relapse. His mother says, “Shaquille was diagnosed with acute marijuana psychosis when he was eighteen-nineteen. He was a good boy but he got involved with too much different drugs and things. He wasn’t himself anymore. He start delusionin’,they don’t know that he was seeing or illusionin’ things and when he does that he goes straight to the water. But I used to keep him at bay, cause I used to put the drugs in his food, in his drinks. I mix him special drinks, coconut water and stuff and I put his medicine, I crush it up and put and mix it and he drink it and he fine.”

Ms. Ferguson appealed to the general public saying, “to the general public and to everyone that’s out there that can hear me, who has sons and children in my condition to please grant me your help to look for Shaquille please. Jet ski, boats, what have you, areas we cannot search and in the mangoes, in the bushes that we walk. The water is so deep sometimes we try to walk in it but we can’t. We ask for divers, people who can help and even go offshore in the ocean. We just need your help.”