Fifth-Graders Armed with COVID-19 Preparedness Tools and Educational Supplies

Three transfer students from Abaco were presented with a special package from the CIBC FirstCaribbean International Wealth Management team. Photo Credit:

Prior to school closures, a fifth grade class at Stephen Dillet Primary School was equipped and better able to safeguard themselves, and their families, against the spread of COVID-19. The 28 students also received droves of much needed reading books, folders, and craft supplies. The CIBC FirstCaribbean International Wealth Management team, during a visit to the class, shared a story on coronavirus precautionary measures; supplied the classroom with coronavirus preparedness posters; and armed each student with a hygiene kit. Among the class are three transfer students from Abaco, who additionally received special donations.

CIBC FirstCaribbean armed each student with a bar of Dettol antibacterial soap and other COVID-19 preparedness tools. Photo Credit:

Originally planned to take place at the start of the school year, the team had centered their visit on hurricane planning and preparedness. In light of COVID-19, however, they restructured their engagement around the pandemic. Gina Mackenzie, Intl Wealth Management Sr. Financial Advisor, and the entire team were delighted to visit the fifth grade class; Ms. Pandora Palacious, classroom teacher; Dr. Clinton Josey, Principal; and Mrs. Joan Turnquest, Senior Mistress. “We had been made aware of needs post the last hurricane, as some of the students had witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian firsthand – having rode out the storm in Abaco, and thereafter had to relocate to New Providence. Given the recent global crisis issue emerging, we decided instead to focus on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and read to them ‘A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus: Everything You Should Know to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy’, a children’s version of how to stay safe during this pandemic,” said Ms. Mackenzie. She continued: “We impressed upon the children that CIBC First Caribbean seeks to connect with people in the communities where it operates, particularly young people as they represent the future.”

he CIBC FirstCaribbean Wealth Management team shared a story on coronavirus preparedness with Grade 5 Palacious. Photo Credit:

Additionally treated to a lunch of pizza and cupcakes, each student was given a CIBC FirstCaribbean 2020 calendar. Classroom teacher, Ms. Palacious, emphasized that they will be extremely useful for an upcoming Math lesson. Ms. Palacious also expressed that when provided with the basic necessities, a student’s interest for reading and motivation around learning is ignited. She thanked the team, who were her classroom’s first guests, for their solicitous visit and vast, much needed donations.

Fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Pandora Palacious, was presented with a gift from CIBC FirstCaribbean during their visit to her classroom. Photo Credit:

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