Police officers on the island of Grand Bahama have been equipped with body cameras and Shot Spotter technology to assist in the crime fight there.

Officer In Charge of Communications Northern Branch Inspector Brian Outten explained that the body cameras, “accurately document police interaction with the public during arrests and critical incidents. At the same time this technology provides corroborating evidence in event and enhanced the accuracy of contentious situations for investigations as well as for prosecutorial purposes. The body warn and dashboard cameras will also minimize distractions and ensure that police officers are alert. Also it would make sure that we conduct ourselves in a manner which upholds the values and integrity and reputation of our police force.”

Outten also spoke on the Shot Spotter technology. He said, “Shot Spotter is basically gun detection. It works as a 9-1-1 for bullets, basically shots. So what happens is, we use a triangulation method in that we have sensors and it triangulates exactly where the bullets are. It also improves our evidence collection in that we recover more casing, we locate more witnesses and we identify shooting fasters. It also disrupts the shooting cycle.”

Two hundred body cameras were issued to Grand Bahama officers.