Government Plans for Permanent Voter Register


The government is taking steps to implement a permanent voter register, and legislation is expected to be tabled in the house of assembly within the next two weeks that will address that move.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis says an amendment to the parliamentary elections act will also be tabled in parliament.

“We’re bringing the bill to parliament I believe this week, if not this week definitely by next week. But I’m hoping that we’d be able to table it on Wednesday.

“This bill would keep the names on the register, would be permanent and only new names are added and at the same time throughout the year you can purge the register in terms of those individuals who have died or moved to some other destination outside the country. It’ll also give us an opportunity, give the Bahamian populace an opportunity to continue an assessment of the list” the Prime Minister said.

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