Gov’t to Defer Bahamasair Salaries


Writer: Macushla Pinder

Strapped for cash, the government has to soon make the “difficult decision” whether out of work Bahamasair staff will continue to receive their full salary.

The airline’s employees have been fully paid throughout the pandemic.

“At some point in time, we will have to make a decision whether Bahamasair staff who are sitting there should be paid a percentage of their pay – let’s say 70 per cent and defer the other 30 per cent until things are better. Barbados was successful in issuing what they call compulsory bonds, keeping everyone employed…That bond is paid back to them over a one year to 18 months span by the Central Bank, but they are guaranteed their salaries,” the prime minister said.

“…I am reminded by my colleagues that should we make such a decision – in terms of deferring an individual’s salary – they are all prepared to defer a portion of theirs also in the interest of the country.”

Bahamasair was forced to immediately cease outgoing flights to the United States amid exponential increase in COVID-19 cases.

Instead, the airline facilitated relief flights over three days.

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