Grand Bahama Children’s Home bolstered by generous donor group

The KJRF fundraised over $700,000 earmarked to fund and develop a therapy programme, to run over a 5-year projected schedule with an onsite therapist, along with a staff training program, for the 40-year-old facility. “The Kate and Justin Rose Foundation is committed to supporting these children who have been through so much in their young lives,” said Kate Rose. “Providing therapy is the first step towards clarifying some of the main issues facing the Grand Bahama Children’s Home and its children, and ultimately encouraging these children to thrive going forward.”

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home has had two very busy, challenging years – beginning with rebuilding the homes that house their children, destroyed by Hurricane Dorian, with the Grand Bahama Port Authority. Followed by the global COVID pandemic that brought delays in the rebuild and return of the children. These challenges, of course, have brought significant financial strain and concern, necessitating a reevaluation of what survival looks like for the Home in a post-Dorian and Covid world. Thankfully, donor groups have shown a tremendous interest in the Home – not only in our rebuilding efforts but in assisting the Home by providing new buildings and vehicles, staff training and a full-time therapy program, and helping establish a network to build sustainability in uncertain times.

SBP, Saint Barnaby’s Parish, well-known in Grand Bahama now for their bright yellow ‘light bulb’ shirts, seen repairing many homes for those in need, showed up after Dorian to assist the Home. The SBP team brought with them a wealth of disaster recovery experience in clean up, rebuilding, mold remediation, and international funding support. They have also been assisting the Home with charity development support, generating GoFundMe donations and other support among its network, site inspections and, just last month, donated a minivan to the Home for the children as well.

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