Grandparents of WSC Executive Chairman Pleased with Proposed Long Island Water Projects

Adrian Gibson, Executive Chairman, WSC and Member of Parliament for Long Island, is pictured with his grandparents, Edward Gibson, 85-years-old and Lenora Gibson, 87-years-old. (BIS photo/Patrick Hanna)

“It is a big day. I cannot explain it,” said 85-year-old Edward Gibson, of the proposed water systems for several settlements in Long Island. The Water and Sewerage Corporation recently broke ground for phase 2 of a water project which will supply water in Millerton, Bunches, Deals, Scrub Hill, Simms and Doctors Creek, Bains, Morris Creek and Whymms. The project is a result of a $28.33 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank, which includes $13.3 million in counterpart funding from The Bahamas Government and WSC.

“This is a blessing,” said Mr. Gibson, who is the grandfather of Mr.  Adrian Gibson, Executive Chairman, WSC and Member of Parliament for Long Island. “We thank God because we have the opportunity to live to see it. My Daddy, Mummy, brothers and sisters never see this. God speared my life to see it. “We had to go the well and draw water in a big bucket. Sometimes we had to get a long hook-stick from the bushes and hook the bucket up with the water. The Lord has brought us from a mighty long way.” Mr. Gibson’s wife, 87-year-old Lenora Gibson, concurred. “This is a blessing. I had it very rough. Sometimes I go way from the hill and ‘tote’ it on my head. God is a good God,” she added.

The proposed works are:

Lot 3:

    Approximately 22,000 feet of 4-inch PVC pipe

    Approximately 5,500 feet of 2-inch PVC pipe

    80 water service connections

Lot 4:

15,000 feet of 4-inch PVC pipe

25,000 feet of 2-inch PVC pipe

100 service connections

During the stopover visit to Long Island, the Executive Chairman assured residents throughout the Family Islands that the government is doing everything in its power to ensure a safe and reliable water supply for residents. “We are keenly aware of the needs of the Family Islands and are currently formulating plans to address them,” he said.

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