Happy Staff, get a much-needed Break off the Rock!

Management decided to rewarded forty of the company’s employees with trips “off the rock” treating them to free 2-day getaways to either New Providence or South Florida. (Photos courtesy of Alfred Anderson for Barefoot Marketing)

It takes a lot to make the staff at Grand Bahama’s Happiest Hotel un-happy but the passage of Hurricane Dorian came very close. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, however, the Pelican Bay family banded together to support each other through this time of transition. Once the all-clear was given Pelican Bay Resorts opened immediately with every useable room made available to accommodate relief and essential services workers from around the world. “The impact of Hurricane Dorian was undeniable, many of our staff were directly affected but they left their homes and families and showed up to work, immediately, working through difficult conditions, and doing so with a smile on their faces, it was a truly tremendous effort” explained Pelican Bay Operations Manager, Della Bridgewater.

Pelican Bay employees arrive at the Lynden Pindling International Airport to begin their free weekend getaway at the Comfort Suites Hotel on Paradise Island.
(Photos courtesy of Pelican Bay for Barefoot Marketing)

The efforts of the dedicated staff did not go unnoticed by management who immediately started planning ways to reward their loyal employees and help them take to recover and restore themselves. “Conditions on the island were not the best, many persons had lost creature comforts, access to water, and even a warm bed to sleep in,” stated Pelican Bay General Manager, Magnus Alnebeck.

“We wanted to help replace those things, even if just for a short time – to let them know, we noticed their efforts, and we are thankful to them.” Management decided to reward all of the company’s employees with trips “off the rock” treating them to free 2-day getaways to either New Providence or South Florida. Working with their business partners near and far, staff were able to choose a stay in Nassau courtesy of Comfort Suites on Paradise Island, with travel courtesy of Western Air or travel to West Palm Beach on board Paradise Celebration Cruise Lines, for rest and some restorative shopping.

Happy Hotel Workers at the Pelican Bay Resort have banded together as a family to support each other through this time of transition, post-Hurricane Dorian. The group had the opportunity to share laughs and relax courtesy of the “off the rock” getaways provided by management. (Photos courtesy of Alfred Anderson for Barefoot Marketing)

“It was very thoughtful of them,” said Marissa Russell, a Pelican Bay housekeeping supervisor. “Especially after everything we had gone through and the different emotions everyone was feeling, it was a really a great opportunity to unwind and have a good time as a group – well we are a family!”

Pelican Bay employees returned to work refreshed and revived after being treated to free weekend getaways in New Providence and South Florida
(Photos courtesy of Alfred Anderson for Barefoot Marketing)

Those that chose the South Florida trip cruised to West Palm Beach overnight and were greeted by a private transportation pickup which took them to local malls, allowing them to participate in some much-needed retail therapy and supply shopping for their households. “These trips were much-needed especially in the aftermath of the storm,” said Darion Martin, Operations Supervisor at the hotel, “after all of the hard work it was really refreshing to have at least a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation.”

“We are so fortunate to have an incredible staff, many of whom have been with us for years,” added Alnebeck. “We are very thankful to our staff, how they have helped Grand Bahama recover, and by keeping our hotel at full occupancy for almost three months in not so perfect conditions.”

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