Health Minister Pledges to Keep the Public Informed as Pandemic Unfolds


Min. of Health the Hon. Renward Wells explained that health officials at the Ministry continue to learn more about COVID-19 as they traverse the waters of this continuously evolving virus. “We intend to keep the public informed and updated every step of the way during and after this pandemic. Whether by press conference, dashboards and press releases, presentations in the House of Assembly, webinars, television, radio and online interviews, please be assured that the Ministry will do its best to provide relevant information in a timely manner.

“Our team is comprised of a variety of persons with various skill sets who are constantly planning, collecting and updating data, researching and utilizing best practices, working around the clock to ensure that we promote and communicate what is recommended for the health, wellness and safety of this nation,” Minister Wells said during a COVID-19 Update press conference at the Ministry of Health, Monday, September 14, 2020. He said the health officials are asking the public to continue to routinely follow the recommended preventive measures.

“Before you leave your house ensure that you have a clean mask, your personal hand sanitizer and any other protective equipment for your safety.

“If you see your fellow brothers and sisters not wearing their masks properly, not using proper coughing and sneezing etiquette, touching their face or being too physically close, respectfully, (respectfully, respectfully) intervene and help hold one another accountable.” The Health Minister said when entering an establishment two of the first things a person should look for are signs that promote the preventive measures such as ‘no mask, no entry’ and a sanitizing station that can be utilized. “If you do not see these, speak with the business owner or manager and relay your safety concerns.”

He also noted that persons should plan their outings and make lists to help limit the amount of time, or number of trips out in the public. “When you return home, engage in your sanitizing process at the door and ensure that you safely enter your home and interact with your family members.” Minister Wells said, “Health officials have intimated that this whole process will be with us for some time. If we work together and follow the guidelines, we will successfully overcome this pandemic. Let us all do our part and stay safe.”

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