Inagua Celebrates 50th Independence


Residents on the island of Inagua celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence on Sunday at Independence Park. The event includes dance performances, singing and prayers for the nation. National addresses from the nation’s leaders were also read by Island Administrator Herman Gilbert who read the message from the Prime Minister, whilst Ms. Independence Makaya Mcintosh read the Governor General’s message.

Also on hand was the Member of Parliament for MICAL, the Hon. Basil McIntosh encouraged residents to reflect on the individuals who have helped to building The Bahamas.

Pastor Kenrick Major delivered the message for the evening saying, “the kindness of God should lead one to repentance. The hand of God has been on Inagua for many years. The hand of God’s grace and God’s mercy have been upon Inagua many years but as they read the scripture in Romans, God is calling us as a people, God is calling us as an island back to our first love. Because we have put God so far on he back burner God is not pleased with the lives that we are living and he is been so good to us in Inagua.”

The celebratory event ended with the raising of the flag at midnight along with fireworks.