Inagua Shines In Solar Energy Initiative


The Minister of State for the Environment and Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for MICAL is commenting on the deployment of solar generated energy on the island of Inagua.

The Hon. Basil Mclntosh told ZNS News, “people are complaining about the cost of electricity here in the MICAL area and, you know, so the government thought wise to at least introduce the solarization program in this area so that the people can benefit. Because all too often electricity is too high and what have you so that’s the approach that the government has taken to try and bring some relief to the people.”

Solar energy is also expected to be deployed on other islands within the MICAL constituency. McIntosh said, “there are one or two individuals that are experimenting with it not only here in Inagua but one or two of the other family islands as well. But I think it will do well especially here in Inagua especially. The sun we always have, you know, an abundance of sunlight and that’s what it takes to put this system in place to get it going.”

The government of The Bahamas has committed to 30% alternative energy deployment by the year 2030.