John Watling’s Distillery re-launches packaging for its hand sanitizer


John Watling’s Distillery, Ltd. has re-launched its hand sanitizer under the BUENA VISTA ESTATE name to combat COVID 19. The re-launch comes as The Bahamas reopens its borders and businesses. Just three months after its initial launch, John Watling’s Distillery has partnered with Blanco Chemicals to locally source spray tops, 16oz and 1 Gallon bottles. It has also imported more than 40,000 litres of ethyl alcohol to ensure The Bahamas has ample supply of the hand sanitizer’s main ingredient; alcohol. It has also worked with Nicky Saddleon to redesign its packaging under the BUENA VISTA ESTATE brand name. Currently, there is a flood of hand sanitizers in the market. Many of these hand sanitizers do not contain the recommended 60% alcohol by volume to ensure the coronavirus’ destruction.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration cautions “If soap and water are not available, The Center for Disease Control] recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol.” Ongoing research has determined that alcohol-free hand sanitizers contain something called quaternary ammonium compounds (usually benzalkonium chloride) instead of alcohol. These can reduce microbes but are less effective than alcohol in the fight against COVID 19. Leading laboratories have determined that “Alcohol attacks and destroys the envelope protein that surrounds some viruses, including coronaviruses. This protein is vital for a virus’s survival and multiplication.”

To ensure the health of the local population, John Watling’s Distillery has launched the Buena Vista Estate hand sanitizer at 70% alcohol by volume. In addition to alcohol, it contains distilled water, hydrogen peroxide which kills bacterial spores and vegetable glycerin which dramatically reduces skin dryness. Since the Estate opened its doors to survivors from the great fire at the British Colonial Hotel in 1922, it has consistently aided the local community. Today it is proud to add the BUENA VISTA ESTATE hand sanitizer to its many accomplishments since 1789.

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