Limeade Bahamas provides Breakfast for 400 in the Fox Hill Community


This morning, Limeade, a Bahamian owned company hosted Community Cares in Fox Hill at the Fox Hill Community Centre with The Munroe Foundation and Shonel Ferguson Member of Parliament for Fox Hill. Breakfast and Limeade gallons were distributed to residents of the area. The initiative continues at a time when many are still out of work, due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Fox Hill Community would be the second community to benefit from the companies give back.

“After our last giveback, we realized the impact we had on the residence in the Bain and Grants Town, we decided to do it for another community,” states Joshua Miller, owner of Limeade. He continued, “With my birthday being Sunday and not being able to do anything on the day due to lockdown, there is no better way I could think to celebrate than by giving back to others.” During the first Community Cares initiative, 250 lunches and gallons of Limeade were distributed. As a result of that, several additional partners have agreed to join the initiative.

“Thanks to our partners, residents in the area were able to come to the community center and 400 plates of food and gallons of Limeade were given out today, almost doubling what we were able to do initially,” states Joshua.

With community partnerships being one of their main initiatives, The Munroe Foundation continues to play a major role through their generous contributions and their time. “As one of our core focuses, we want to continue to have a heart for people.” A goal that always has and always will be what the Munroe Foundation stands for. Consistently displaying their motto Service above Self, The Rotary Club of East Nassau joined us along with Purity Bakery. “Today would not have been possible without our partners and we are grateful to those that assisted in any way to make it happen.” Says Joshua.

He continues, “I would like to recognize and say a special thank you to ARM Bottling Suppliers, Believe Wines Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies, Green Thumb Group, Morning Moves with Bowflex Barbie and, Jay Fitness.” Limeade is an all-natural, bottled lime based beverage. In every bottle of limeade are limes that were handpicked and locally grown. Our product epitomizes “All Things Bahamian.” There are several flavors to choose from including strawberry limeade, ginger limeade, and our home-style limeade. We are located on Moss Road and University Drive or for your convenience you can now purchase limeade on Kanoo or Kraven.

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