Long Islanders Forewarned

Long Island M.P and Water & Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson

Long Islanders have been forewarned.

Area MP Adrian Gibson said it has come to his attention that now that the island has been opened for widescale commercial activity a “few” of his constituents are making plans for happy hours at bars, dinner reservations and parties.

“If anyone is aware of such plans and/or actions, I invite them to report it to the police,” Mr. Gibson told ZNS Network News.

“If these acts occur, Long Island could potentially be exposed to COVID-19 and closed again. I also want to let Long Islanders know all residents are expected to wear a mask in public and maintain social distancing at all times…I also note that the number/gaming houses are not allowed to operate anywhere in The Bahamas unless otherwise authorized by the competent authority.”

Long Island is one of several southern islands given the green light to expand its business activity as the country eases into the second phase of reopening the economy amid the global pandemic.

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