Luciano’s Restaurant Closes

Luciano's of Chicago

Writer: Macushla Pinder

A strained economy coupled with a global pandemic have forced a popular Italian restaurant to make a tough choice.

After more than a decade on the scene, Luciano’s of Chicago will permanently close its doors, leaving another group of workers on the unemployment line.

“Despite increased competition in the industry and a shift in the customer base, Luciano’s management had remained committed to its staff despite mounting losses each month. The economic impact of COVID-19 was the final nail in the coffin, leaving no choice, but to close and make its team redundant,” a statement read. 

“The sad reality is that the restaurant industry operates on very slim margins and Luciano’s was no exception. The owners and management team have been struggling to make ends meet for the last couple of years and have exhausted every avenue to keep the restaurant open and to keep the team employed. Nobody could have predicted the effects from COVID-19 on the economy and sadly, the fallout has necessitated the permanent closure of the restaurant.”

The restaurant concluded by thanking its customers for their support and patronage over the years as well as its restaurant team “for maintaining the reputation of quality and service that Luciano’s enjoyed.”

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