M.O.T.A Appoints 14 Diving & Boating Ambassadors


Mr. Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, Deputy Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation announced today, the historic appointments of fourteen new Diving and Boating Ambassadors for the Islands of The Bahamas. The hand selected professionals are influential experts in scuba diving, boating, travel, underwater photography, media relations and marketing, and they all share a deep affinity for The Bahamas.

“This is a very special appointment for us,” said Thompson. “It signals our dual belief and commitment to sharing, positioning, protecting, preserving and promoting our country’s beautiful environment and natural resources, which for us, are our pristine, crystal-clear waters, rich marine life and people.” “Traditionally, the marketing and promotions of The Bahamas to the world come primarily from the BMOTA team, who seek to reach, engage and inspire visitors to book a vacation stay with us. However, in a post-COVID 19 era, we have been met with some setbacks, challenges, opportunities and new ways of conducting business like this Ambassadorship Program. The power of unbiased influence that many of these leading industry experts and goodwill ambassadors possess, in the respective residential markets they serve, is unquestionably substantial and invaluable to us,” Thompson said.

The selected ambassadors are all unpaid volunteers and skilled boating and diving experts, who have led many groups to The Bahamas, share a deep love for the destination and are committed to further promoting The Bahamas to the media and to their circle of influence to garner further exposure and bookings to the destination. They will work with the Ministry’s communications and vertical teams to further position the country as the ideal dive and boating destination. The selected ambassadors will also undergo full training in the destination and its offerings before representing The Bahamas at dive tradeshows and FAM trips.

“Astronauts recently captured the waters of The Bahamas from outer space, and declared it to be the prettiest place on earth. Now, the world will also know of its astonishing underwater beauty, through these appointments and the works of these Ambassadors,” said Mr. Thompson.

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