Law enforcement officers discovered a four acre field with over 2500 suspected marijuana plants near to Nicholls Town, Andros. It is suspected that Jamaican nationals were cultivating the field.

Officer in charge of the Drug Enforcement Unit, Chief Superintendent, Roberto Goodman said that, “sometime around the earlier part of last week, we would have received information reference to a suspected marijuana field being cultivated by a number of persons in the North Andros area.” He went on to say that, “a joint operation was put into place by the Drug Enforcement Unit office along with the Real Crime Time Center, along with officers from the Criminal Records Office. As a result, sometime two days ago the Drug Enforcement Unit office would have came into this area where they would have conducted surveillance. While in there they would have received some additional information which resulted in five males, Jamaican males, Jamaican nationals, being arrested for cultivating these fields.”

One of the suspects provided a report to officers on site. They range in age from 40 to 57 years. Of the find Chief Superintendent Goodman said, “at this time it is diffcult to give the estimated street value because its four acres, like different sections and different acres of land here…so we’ll have to uproot those plants and count them individually.

The officers described the marijuana operation as strategic as trip lnes, as well as a camoflaged structure and a shower well thought to be for irrigation were found. As to the possibility of the suspects working in collaboration with others Chief Superindentent Goodman said, “well we’re still early in the investigation. As our investigation goes on and we’ll be able to determine to see if they are connected with any locals here in The Bahamas. He went on to say, “the reason that we are here is that we have a mandate in the Drug Enforcement Unit, as long as someone deal with illegal drugs or distributes illegal drugs, we are here to enforce the law as law as the law is on the books and we’ll enofrce the law and bring those persons to justice.”

As investigations continued the number of suspects in the matter increased to six, all of who will have to answer to charges in court.