In the wake of the passing of Hurricane Fiona near to the island of Mayaguana, Persis Cross of the Mayaguana District of the Bahamas Red Cross lamented of the lack of supplies, like first aid kits, available on the island. Bahamas Red Cross President, Terez Curry spoke to ZNS News about the concerns. She said, “beginning in May, sometimes late April and through May, we reach out to all group leaders on the Family Islands, on all of the Family Islands where there is a Red Cross group, to provide us with a list of the items that they currently maintain in their supply. so we’ll know what we need to send to them in order to bump up their supplies. We provided the islands with satellite phones. Now those phones are too be maintained or kept, we cannot afford to keep a satellite phone constantly on as the airtime for a satellite phone is very expensive and its not needed. So we will turn those phones on in the time that’s needed. Now if there is a tropical storm or a hurricane, the tropical storm we are unlikely to turn on the satellite phones because the cell network is still working.”

Hurricane Fiona did minimal damage to Mayaguana as it left the Turks and Caicos Islands and made its way passed The Bahamas.