Min.of Education’s policy on homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic


The Ministry of Education has created an online application for parents wishing to home school their children. It is accessible at ministryofeducationbahamas.com. All parents seeking to home school their children should be aware of the following policies:

  1. Parents who elect to home school their children at this time, must assume responsibility for all aspects of their children’s education. This schooling is to occur primarily in the home environment.
  2. Such parents must register with the Home Schooling Unit of the Ministry of Education before they undertake this exercise. This is a requirement that satisfies the condition of Section 24 of the Education Act.
  3. The Ministry of Education is happy to make a limited number of resources available to any parent who is home schooling. These resources can aid them in their home schooling endeavours.
  4. Uponrequest,theMinistryofEducationwillpermitparentsofhomeschooled students to:

a. access Ministry of Education live/recorded lessons; and

b. utilize activities related to lessons presented.

  1. At this time, the Ministry of Education is not in a position to assess the work of home schoolers. Nor is the Ministry in a position to issue any grades or transcripts.
  2. Parents who send their children to another home/location to be taught by someone else, and who may also be engaged in teaching other children, do not fit the definition of home schooling and are not able to be granted the privileges provided for home schooling families.
  3. The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that parents who opt to send their children to another person’s home for the furthering of their education should ensure that the school is registered with National Accreditation Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB). The NAECOB registration ensures that their children are placed in a state recognized institution and are therefore not disenfranchised.
  4. Additional information regarding home schooling can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website.

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