Minister Dames Lauds Contract Signing for Police Body and Dash Cams

(BIS Photos / Eric Rose)

Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames, said, on January 14, 2020, that, as the worlds of law enforcement and technology continue to integrate, the probability of capturing a critical incident on video rises exponentially. He added that was why he was “extremely pleased” by the signing of the contract that day between the Government of The Bahamas and AE Tactical, and its partner Axon, for body and dash cams because, in doing so, the Royal Bahamas Police Force not only improved its crime-fighting initiative by the implementation of “cutting-edge” technology; but ,more so, because the commitments being made that day spoke volumes about the seriousness and veracity of the Government’s approach towards “the fight against crime, safety of communities and enabling of police officers to perform their duties in an optimal way”.

“Body-worn cameras are an effective law enforcement tool that can reduce violent confrontations and malicious complaints against officers,” Minister Dames said, at the contract signing ceremony held at the Paul Farquharson Centre, Police Headquaters. “Body-worn cameras provide additional documentation of police-public encounters and will be an important tool for collecting evidence and maintaining public trust.” Among those present included Permanent Secretary Eugene Poitier; Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and his senior officers at the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF); US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Stephanie Bowers and other Embassy representatives; AE Tactical Managing Director Luke Hadeed; Axon Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean Alexander Polit; senior Government officials; representatives of Neighbourhood Watch Bahamas and other stakeholders.

Minister Dames noted that policing in the 21st century must employ innovation in its best form, in order to achieve the kind of results of safety, security and orderliness demanded of civil societies. Effective crime-fighting techniques and procedures, he said, were heavily based on accuracy, relevance and timeliness of information received. “Presently, there is no better way, based on human interventions to meet this criteria than through technology,” he added.Minister Dames pointed out that the Department of National Security and, specifically, the Royal Bahamas Police Force is resolved to grow and succeed not only in their initiatives, but more so in the results they receive through their implementation. “Crime detection and prevention is serious, and the Government of The Bahamas takes seriously the mandate to control and reduce criminal activities in this country,” he said. “As such, improvements in technology is receiving and will receive high-level commitment from the Government to improve techniques and heighten the capabilities of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in its quest to reduce and prevent crime in the Bahamas.”

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