“Minor Challenges” With COVID Tracking App


Health officials are reporting minor challenges with people uploading the COVID-19 tracking app on their devices. The app would monitor the whereabouts of those placed in self isolation.

“We are trying to make sure they have the ability to add more data to their systems so we’re connecting with telecommunications partners to make sure that happens; making sure that we walk them through the process. As you’re piloting a project, these are some of the issues you have to anticipate. But, hopefully we will be able to overcome them as more and more people are added to the system, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen said during an interview with ZNS News.

In terms of locating the 13 to 15 people left to quarantine at home, but who could not be found, Dr. Brennen said they have had “some luck” tracking down the majority of them.

“They were healthy and they were able to be discharged from quarantine,” Dr. Brennen said. “We feel very comfortable that our measures of in person going to look for people as opposed to merely calling them on the phone has reaped some benefits.”

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