Nassau Street Road Work Commences


Business owners,employees, residents and patrons of Nassau Street breathed a sigh of relief on Monday as they drove the newly paved road. Works Min. Desmond Bannister also celebrated the initiative. “Nassau Street is an iconic thoroughfare and the Ministry is thrilled the road paving exercise has commenced,” he said.

“Unfortunately, due to equipment malfunction, the completion of Nassau Street will be delayed by approximately two weeks. The Ministry is working diligently to ensure this process is completed swiftly and is quite pleased with the progress made thus far,” Mr. Bannister said.

The Ministry canvassed the Nassau Street area yesterday and spoke to numerous employees and residents who expressed their excitement about the road renovations. Business owner Ginouse Darius said: “I thank God because customers have complained about the condition of Nassau Street. Thank God it’s fixed and that’s a blessing. Now my business can continue to grow. I’m very impressed by how fast the road was paved.” Ramona Moncur, employee, said she was impressed by how quickly the road work was launched.

“I’m so happy the road is now paved. I was shocked when I came to work this morning and saw the road almost completed,” she said. “I use to take other routes to avoid Nassau Street as much as possible, but now I’m happy I can drive the entire road.” Abraham Albury, resident, commended the Ministry of Works for the paving exercise.

Mr. Albury said: “I’m actually very surprised how quickly the road was
paved. The Ministry is doing a good job and in a timely fashion. The road repairs needed on Nassau Street were long overdue but I’m glad the work has started.”

Lynburth Oliver, resident, said it’s a good feeling knowing that the government is getting work done. He said: “I’m happy that the government is doing some paving because the roads need to be in order at all times. Nassau Street is a main road and I’m glad to see the road works done. The government did a good job and in a timely fashion too.”

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