New Firetruck for Abaco


A corporate giant has made Abaco’s journey to full restoration post Dorian a bit easier.

Family Guardian recently donated a firetruck following a visit to the hurricane torn island a few months back.

“We, in partnership with Sagicor, donated $75,000 to Marsh Harbour’s volunteer Fire and Rescue to assist with the purchase of a rescue vehicle and the rebuilding of their fire station. Our donation was our way to say to the residents of Abaco, we will stand with you,” Family Guardian President, Glen Ritchie told ZNS News.

“Previously, we made a commitment and donation of 100 generators to the residents of Central and Northern Abaco, were still without electricity after Hurricane Dorian.”

Abaconian Ruth Saunders said she was thrilled when Family Guardian reached out in January.

“The rescue vehicle will be outfitted by next weekend,” she said. “We’re also concentrating heavily on getting the building secured.”

Said its 200 plus days without power for some Abaconians.

“It’s rough. Central Abaco has been hit heavily along with its surrounding cays. It is the hub of Abaco and it is struggling to get back up. There are main portions that need to be repaired. Debris is being cleaned up so its drivable. Everyday I pass, I see small accomplishments. It’s a long haul and we still have a long way to go,” Saunders said.

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