Operations at Abaco freshwater plant extended for 3-months by Lyford Cay Club Charitable Trust donation


The seawater reverse osmosis plant (SWRO) in Treasury Cay, Abaco received three-months of additional funding through a $50,000 donation by the Lyford Cay Club Charitable Trust. The international humanitarian partner Pure H20 and Bahamas Rotary Clubs set up the SWRO Unit in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. However, the additional funding means the unit will be kept in operation until the end of December, serving Treasure Cay and neighboring communities with fresh drinking water.

“Our partners on the ground emphasized how important this SWRO Unit was to the community, given the demand for fresh drinking water. Some residents drive 30-45 minutes to Treasure Cay to collect water for their families. They often supply
themselves for the week. International non-profit partner Water Mission also continues to truck 10,000 to 13,000 gallons multiple times a week to many locations throughout Abaco and to the cays,” said Katherine Elza of Lyford Cay Club Charitable Trust.

“A portion of our donation was also allocated to food distribution in Abaco, where 13,000 people are currently receiving food assistance on a weekly basis. We continue to identify critical needs that can be address by our ongoing commitment to provide support. Last month we had a successful funding raising drive for food assistance in Nassau, and soon we will roll-out a new initiative for communities in need in Grand Bahama,” said Ms Elza.

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