Pandemic Forces Adjustments to Mass Burial


Writer: Macushla Pinder

COVID-19 forced authorities to make several adjustments to Abaco’s mass burial.

Deputy Chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, Algernon Cargill said the initial plan called for having the $200,000 burial during a church service where anyone could participate; however, COVID-19 restricted this.

Cargill said they were still however determined to have a “very respectful and dignified funeral.”

“Despite the organized protests that were there – about 30 people protested – the event was benefitting of what the DRA together with what the religious leaders had planned,” he said.

The unidentified bodies of 55 victims of Hurricane Dorian were buried on Friday.

The bodies were individually interred in a public cemetery on SC Bootle Highway, Central Pines.

Cargill said when COVID-19 regulations are lifted, a proper burial will take place.

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