Post COVID Travel Protocols


Post COVID-19, health and safety measures and protocols will be unlike what The Bahamas has seen before, according to a senior tourism official, who said it will more so be a case of the next normal as opposed to the commonly used term the new normal. Tourism Director General, Joy Jibrilu said while things will not be what travelers are used to but will be part of what we will do.

“In getting in a taxi, social distancing protocols will be advanced. In fact, many hotels are making the cleanliness feature apart of the experience, so that when you do come to the door, you will see someone coming up and wiping the door; giving you the reassurance that I don’t have to worry about surfaces here. And so, these things will slowly become expected,” she said. Jibrilu also predicts less crowded excursions and experiences whether people are downtown because that is what will be the new normal, the new expectation.

The Prime Minister is eyeing a July 1 resumption for commercial travel.

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