Press Statement by Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming


From: Bahamas Information Services

The alleged murder this weekend of a young woman, Heavenly Terveus has brought much heartache and grief not only locally but nationally.

Learning of the account of what has happened, and as a woman and mother of a young girl, I express my sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased and all those who would have lost their loved ones to domestic violence in The Bahamas. As the State Minister for Social Services and Urban Development with responsibility for the Department of Gender and Family Affairs, we are committed in taking a proactive approach in composing legislation to protect all people against violence, in particular women and young girls.

Additionally, Urban Development is in the process of improving programs geared toward addressing societal ills — among them, Counseling and Anger Management Programs for all people. These initiatives will serve to improve the social tapestry of our Inner City Communities while promoting inclusiveness.

It is imperative that all Bahamians, regardless of their ethnic makeup, religious beliefs and political persuasion be totally united, and fully inspired prior to taking meaningful action. Domestic violence is seemingly a frequent occurrence. No form of violence is okay: it is now
time that we come together as a country and be each other’s keeper, and not remain silent.