Prime Minister Covid-19 Travel Appeal


Ministry of Health officials acknowledge that COVID-19 case numbers are down, leading to a decrease in hospitalization and they are being commended for their efforts in the local covid fight.

However, as cases continue to surge abroad in several European countries and in the United States, a number of Bahamians are still traveling during this pandemic, but, Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert minnis continues to strongly advise against travel if it is not essential.

“if you get in a foreign country that is overwhelmed by covid-19 it might be very difficult to get medical treatment. additionally, as we saw in the first wave, when viral cases surge, countries may quickly change their travel policies” he said in parliament this week.

he continued that “borders can be shut subtly with no set time as to when they may reopen. therefore mr. speaker, bahamians travelling abroad, if international boarders are shut suddenly, they can find themselves in a situation where they are trapped and cannot return.”

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