Prison Covid-19 Tests Results Negative

Photo Credit: Brian Smith

The results of Covid-19 tests taken at the Department of Correctional Services are in and according to health officials, they are all negative. Tests were administered last Thursday to 60 inmates and correctional officers. “This is encouraging. We will continue our surveillance in that area. We’re moving to other vulnerable populations at this point to see where else we might be able to figure out any pocket of the disease,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Delon Brennen said during an interview with ZNS News Network.

Dr. Brennen also congratulated Bahamians on helping to keep Covid-19 numbers at a minimum, particularly in the case of still increasing numbers worldwide. “We know that it has been a challenge for people to be on lockdowns and curfews, but we’re definitely seeing the benefits when you look at other countries that have suffered great losses due to the pandemic,” he said. “We have to consider ourselves lucky despite the losses we have suffered.”

Covid-19’s local death toll sits just over 10.

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