Ranger guides grow in their new reality


A Whatsapp chat group of 16 Ranger Guides (14-16 year olds) formed in February 2020 to address the World Thinking Day theme: “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” had no idea that their group would find themselves examining how they would cope in a different environment of a global pandemic. Rangers from Holy Family Catholic Church and St. George’s Anglican Church (East 1 District, New Providence), Exuma and Freeport Districts “Zoomed” their way through weekly meetings, which ended on 15th June. They brought to life several aspects of the new DREAM Programme: Health, Safety, Innovation, Creativity, Financial Literacy and Personal Development.

These young women were challenged to work in teams comprising one person from each of the islands. One of the team projects required them to integrate their experiences and skills from a recent camp with their daily routine and protocols of the present reality to plan “Camp COVID 19”.

Another project that the teams enjoyed required each team to identify a country from one of the regions in the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts, then research and present interesting facts about the country and Guiding in the country. Individual challenges allowed rangers to become advocates for safety protocols and indicate what living in a new reality would demand.

Individually, the Rangers made good use of their isolation period and developed a wide variety of skills. Technological skills were used to redesign their living spaces,business acumen was applied to culinary skills and a new business was developed, while poetry became a familiar way to respond to their new reality. Additional talents emerged as the budding artists and musicians shared their innovations. Yes, there were fun activities that included scavenger hunts, joke-a-thon, and ice-breaker activities.

The closing Zoom gathering and awards presentation was not only exciting, but also reflective. The rangers shared the highlights of their experience in their new reality. They agreed that they loved meeting other rangers and sharing experiences, as well as the activities done in the virtual guiding meetings. One ranger remarked that virtual Guiding was the high point of her curfew. They made recommendations for the growth of the Ranger Guides Section: to convene a national rangers camp or conclave, advertise the ranger guide programme to parents and at schools, as well as use of social media.

Women who like the challenge of working with teenagers, are innovative, flexible and enjoy helping girls to realize their potential, are invited to consider becoming a Girl Guide or Ranger Guide leader. For more information, contact the Bahamas Girl Guides Association at
http://www.bgga.org, email us at bggassociation@yahoo.com, visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/57508754047/ or call us at 242-322-4342.

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