RBDF extends a Helping Hand with Non-Financial Assistance


On Wednesday past, members of the RBDF answered a family’s financial cry for help. After viewing a news story of a woman struggling with 6 children to make ends meet, the young marines got together to assist this family.Together, they bought over $300.00 worth of much needed grocery items for the Carmichael Road family.

“It was an overwhelming feeling,” said Ms. Cadet. “I appreciate each and everyone of the marines that participated, and I thank God for making a way for me and my children during this time.” As COVID-19 has negatively impacted families on the island, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to find ways to assist those in need. According to Marine Seaman Anthony Hall, “This was our way of helping someone in need. We are all in this together, and with God’s help, we will pull through!”

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